Lufthansa Consulting Builds Business in Iraq

By John Lee.

Lufthansa Consulting is pursuing at least 10 percent annual sales growth as clients such as Iraq, which is reviving its airline, tap into the German carrier’s experience in safety and infrastructure.

Dr Andreas Jahnke, head of Lufthansa Consulting, told Bloomberg:

"There are lots of opportunities for us helping clients set up a new business or helping an established airline to deal with the new market realities -- for example, increasing competition from low-cost airlines ... We are amazed by how many new airlines still pop up."

The company has a memorandum of understanding to help re-establish the international operations of the state-owned Iraqi Airways. It also has an initial agreement to help Mosul airport to develop catering, plane maintenance and marketing, expanding on projects with ground handling there and at Baghdad and Basra airports.

"Security levels and procedures vary greatly, depending on where in the world you are," Jahnke said. "The Lufthansa brand is a quality seal that helps open doors for us worldwide."

Middle Eastern, Latin American and African markets propelled a 5.3 percent jump in global passenger traffic last year, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

(Source: Bloomberg)

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