New Alliance Inaugurates Leading Healthcare Conference

International Fairs & Promotions (IFP) - Iraq, Sesam, and Zenith announced their alliance to launch the Iraq Healthcare Conference 2013, which will be taking place on May 27 and 28 at the Erbil International Fair Ground, Kurdistan Region.

Under the auspices of the Ministries of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi government in Baghdad and Kimadia, along with the combined skills, expertise and reputation of three frontrunners in the trade fair and conference organizing industry, the Iraq Healthcare Conference 2013 is expected to be the largest specialized conference of its kind in Iraq, addressing all aspects of the Iraqi healthcare sector, which has an estimated value of $6 billion.

While commenting on this promising plan, Dr. Rekawt Hama Rashid, Minister of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government, ensured that:

The organizers of the Iraq Healthcare Conference are committed to carrying out all the sessions in this highly acclaimed conference, which will be covering all the recent medical developments. The organizers will make sure to focus on the latest international studies, techniques and technologies in the world of medicine in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of those present.

Boris Ritter, General Manager of Sesam, expressed how pleased he is to be embarking on this mission:

We are very excited about contributing to the launch of the largest health conference in Iraq, in partnership with International Fairs & Promotions (IFP) - Iraq. We are expecting to make this event the go-to destination for healthcare specialists by providing them with the opportunity to network with industry professionals, discover new techniques and technologies, and identify the abundant business opportunities in Iraq’s healthcare sector. Our experience in organizing specialized regional events, along with the vast relations our partners have acquired over the years, will guarantee the success of this event.

To further demonstrate the scientific importance of this event that Minister Rashid mentioned in his statement, supporting the conference are the Cambridge Academy for Higher Education (CAHE), a dedicated healthcare and pharmaceutical research institution, and Iraq Health, a non-governmental non-profit think-tank organization seeking to improve health in Iraq.

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