Iraq to Invest in Associated Gas

Iraqi Minister of Electricity Abdul Karim Aftan cited the importance of this contract, which he says will “provide natural gas to operate the gas station of Mansouria in Diyala province and the stations of Quds and Sadr in Baghdad. This quantity will be enough to generate 2,500 megawatts of energy.” Aftan said, “Iraq will lose 30% of the produced energy because gas units are operating on alternative fuel: fuel oil and black oil.

With the implementation of this contract, 30% of this energy will be added to the total [production] capacity.” Iran currently produces 600 million cubic meters of gas per day, of which 37 million is exported. When the South Pars oil field is fully exploited, the production will reach 1.2 billion cubic meters.

Hamza Jawahiri, a governmental oil expert, said, “The investment process of associated petroleum gas is difficult and complicated. Before equipping the consumption locations, there are a number of phases [carried out] to purify the gas from other elements, such as water, sulfur and other acidic substances.”

He said, “The construction of gas processing plants must come in tandem with [setting up] extraction plants. Gas cannot be transported through pipelines before being processed, since it contains acidic substances that can destroy any metal used in the construction of pipelines.”

Jawihiri announced the launching of the investment process of associated gas in some oil wells locations in the south. “We agreed with oil companies to give them a share of the produced gas in exchange for their services. This is lucrative for Iraq, since the associated gas is [usually] burned.”

Talking about Iran’s attempt to sell the gas to European markets, Jawihiri said, “Europe relies on four outlets to provide it with gas, mainly Russia and Algeria. Europe cannot reach a phase of self-sufficiency in terms of gas and welcomes any other source, including the Gulf and Iran.”

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