Wolfowitz Sees Chalabi as Viable Leader

By John Lee.

Paul Wolfowitz has said that Ahmed Chalabi (pictured), the Iraqi who helped spur the U.S. invasion of his country, would be viable as its next prime minister though close ties he established with Iran pose an impediment.

Speaking to Bloomberg Television, he said:

“The man is a survivor ... That’s impressive. I think he wants to succeed in what he does, he’s smart; maybe he’ll figure out a way to do it.

“Chalabi is not an angel, no one in that system is an angel ... You have to be careful who you work with, but I think you need to try to work with everybody.”

Chalabi’s political group, the Iraqi National Congress, supplied Wolfowitz and others in the Bush administration with information that tied then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda and alleged he was developing weapons of mass destruction -- the justification for the U.S. invasion in March 2003.

The information was later discredited and in May 2004, U.S. soldiers raided Chalabi’s house and offices in Iraq to investigate allegations of fraud and grand theft against him.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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