July Oil Exports to hit 2.6m bpd

By John Lee.

Oil Minister Abdul Kareem al-Luaibi [Elaibi] (pictured) said on Wednesday that Iraq is currently producing oil at a rate of 3.15 million bpd, and expects exports this month to average 2.6 million bpd.

Reuters quotes Luaibi as saying that the recent fighting in the north and west of the country had not affected production or exports in the south, and that the capacity of oil export facilities had been expanded to 3 million bpd.

Exports from southern Iraq hit 2.582 million bpd in May, the highest since 2003, before dipping in June to 2.423 million due to maintenance and expansion at one berth at the al-Basra Oil Terminal (ABOT).

(Source: Reuters)

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