Sweden to Strengthen Ties with Kurdistan

Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallstrom, received Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG Foreign Relations, on Monday to discuss bilateral ties and latest humanitarian and security developments in Kurdistan and the wider region.

In welcoming Minister Mustafa and his accompanying delegation, Foreign Minister Wallstrom said, “We enjoy excellent relations with the Kurdistan Region and we are eager and willing to expand and further strengthen this relation for the benefit of both sides.

Minister Mustafa thanked Foreign Minister Wallstrom for her hospitality and expressed the strong desire of the Kurdistan Regional Government to benefit form Sweden’s experience and knowledge in further advancing the Kurdistan Region.

The Minister briefed the foreign minister on the Peshmerga advances against the ISIS terrorists and the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government in dealing with nearly tow million refugees and internally displaced Persons.

Commending the KRG for the hospitality it continues to provide to the Syrian refugees and IDPs, the Foreign Minister pledged that Sweden will continue to provide humanitarian support to the IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region.

Referring to the bravery of Peshmerga forces, the Foreign Minister stated, “Peshmerga forces have proven that they are a reliable force. They have been an important element in the fight against ISIS. There is an urgent need to address the problem of ISIS and to support the Peshmerga forces.

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