Kurdistan and Armenia to Strengthen Ties

Head of the KRG Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, today received Ambassador of Armenia to Iraq Mr Karin Gregorian to discuss bilateral ties.

In his first visit to the Kurdistan Region, Ambassador Gregorian commended Kurdistan Region for its political and economic developments as well as its culture of peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance.

He briefed Minister Mustafa on the opening of Armenia’s consulate general in Erbil and stated that “The approval to open Armenia’s consulate general in Erbil has been granted. The President and the government of Armenia are committed to establish and strengthen ties with the Kurdistan Region.”

The Ambassador announced that starting from next week; Armenia will conduct direct flights from Yerevan to Erbil twice per week. He hoped that this will lead to more economic and cultural exchanges between Kurdistan and Armenia.

Minister Mustafa welcomed the Ambassador to Kurdistan and thanked him for his efforts to establish institutional ties between Kurdistan and Armenia. He commended the commitment of the government of Armenia to strengthen ties with Kurdistan and welcomed the commencement of flights between Erbil and Yerevan.

The Minister stressed that the opening of the consulate general will bring about more economic, political, and cultural cooperation between both sides. He expressed the readiness of the Department of Foreign Relations to fully support the Armenian mission in Kurdistan.

Mr. Mustafa and Ambassador Gregorian also discussed the security and humanitarian challenges facing the Kurdistan Region. The Ambassador expressed the support and solidarity of the government and people of Armenia with the government and people of Kurdistan and pledged that soon Armenia will provide Kurdistan with assistance.

(Source: KRG)

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