Water Management is Key to Sustainable Development

Guangzhe Chen, World Bank Senior Director for Water, also attended the start of the Arab Sustainable Development Week, highlighted the World Bank’s commitment to increased support for countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence.

“Targeted investments to improve the management and delivery of water are key as we seize the opportunities provided by the $75 billion commitment to IDA, the World Bank’s fund for the poorest and conflict-affected countries,” Chen said. “In several countries in the region, we are supporting the reconstruction and recovery efforts of governments. For example, we are working with Baghdad to restore water supply and sanitation infrastructure damaged by conflict.”

These links between water management, fragility and conflict are also discussed in the recently launched World Bank report Turbulent Waters which discusses how countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence made slower progress towards meeting the water-related Millennium Development Goals.

The study also describes how investments in water can be conducive to stability by addressing short-term livelihood needs and long-term sustainability challenges.

(Source: UN)

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