Young Iraqis learn Innovative Development Tools

“I am deeply moved to see many young people work on tackling the SDGs using proper innovative tools- something I truly dream of becoming the norm in the near future,” said private sector representative from Sony Ericsson telecommunications company, Ms. Safa Salwan.

Participant from Zain Iraq, Mr. Ali Hilli, said: “Throughout the past three years, UNDP's Innovation for Development Initiative has helped the entrepreneurial scene to become more vibrant and energetic. As a member of Zain Iraq, I am honoured and excited to be part of their programme this year.”

Fifty young volunteers worked for three months to organize the workshop to ensure providing the participants with a unique and life-changing experience. Professionals in different related fields and start-ups led by participants in previous activities supported the workshop.

24-year-old participant, Ms. Ilham Sajid, said: “I am glad to find such a platform that accepts our ideas, dreams and diversity. You learn how to organize your thoughts, develop your project, work with a team, and more.”

Since 2015, UNDP has been implementing the Innovation for Development Initiative in Iraq with the aim of supporting the role of young people in entrepreneurship and innovation focusing on service delivery and the achievement of the SDGs.

(Source: UNDP)

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