New Iraqi Govt announces Main Priorities

Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi presented to Iraq’s parliament the new Government of Iraq’s programme for 2018-2022.

The programme outlines practical plans for transitioning Iraq from a crisis context to sustainable development across all sectors, and sets out a framework to guide the planning and work of each ministry.

It specifies timetables, sets out key performance indicators, success measurements, implementation and review processes to ensure that objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

The programme builds on several key strategies agreed by the outgoing government, including the National Development Plan 2018-2022, Iraq Vision 2030, the National Poverty Reduction Plan and the UN Sustainable Developments Goals.

A key objective of the programme is the delivery of tangible improvements in the daily lives of Iraqi citizens, with a focus on vulnerable communities including low income households, families of martyrs, those injured in the battle of liberation and IDPs.

Defining Iraq’s priorities

The government programme identifies several broad-based priorities that will guide all action by federal ministries and agencies for the next four years and beyond. These include:

– Protecting Iraq’s democratic system, independence and sovereignty

– Upholding the rule of law, delivering meaningful justice and reconciliation

– Safeguarding national security and countering extremism

– Improving essential services, reducing poverty and tackling the housing shortage

– Supporting reconstruction, investment, economic and human development

– Improving public administration, governance and combating corruption

– Optimising benefits from oil, gas, water & other natural resources

–  Maintaining good relations with Iraq’s neighbours and international partners

The programme outlines clear timelines for implementation of government policies and objectives ranging from short-term (3-6 months), to medium term (7-18 months) and long-term (19-48 months), and sets targets for each federal ministry for delivery against agreed objectives.

The programme acknowledges that delivery of key objectives is contingent on effective administration, good governance, and rigorous oversight mechanisms. It, therefore, commits the government to an ambitious reform agenda over the next four years to cut red-tape, restructure key institutions such as the Cabinet Office, combat corruption, and invest in building effective and responsive e-government infrastructure.

Prime Minister Abd Al-Mahdi told parliament that citizens are at the heart of the new Iraqi government programme, as it seeks to put Iraq on the path of development and peace-building after years of conflict. He urged all political parties, citizens, civil society groups and the international community to work with the new Iraqi government to deliver a better future for all of Iraq’s communities.

(Source: Govt of Iraq)

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