PM Opens Karbala Refinery

By John Lee.

The Karbala Oil Refinery, Iraq's first oil refinery to operate with modern technologies, has been opened by Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani.

Built by Korean company Hyundai, the refinery has a capacity of 140,000 barrels per day and meets the latest environmental-friendly European standards.

It includes a power plant with a capacity of 200 MW (with four units of 50 MW each), provide the refinery with electricity, and supplying 60 MW to the Iraqi national grid.

The refinery is expected to save Iraq billions of dollars in oil imports.

The full text of the Prime Minister's statement is shown below:

Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, inaugurated the Karbala Oil Refinery, which operates with a capacity of 140,000bpd, following approved international standards. The Minister of Oil, the Governor of Karbala, and several officials and technical advisors attended the inauguration ceremony.

His Excellency conducted a field tour of the refinery departments and was briefed on the production stages and future development plans.

The Karbala Oil Refinery, implemented by the Korean company Hyundai, is one of Iraq's strategic projects. It is the first oil refinery in Iraq to operate with modern technologies. Its products follow the latest environment-friendly European standards. The octane rating for the produced gasoline reaches 95, and the project adheres to Iraqi environmental law.

Karbala Oil Refinery includes 33 operational, service, and storage units with large production capacities. It also consists of integrated terminals, a station for pumping oil derivatives and petroleum products to external terminals, and a power plant with a capacity of 200 MW, with four units, each of which operates with a capacity of 50 MW to provide the refinery with electricity. It will supply 60 MW to the National Electricity Transmission Grid.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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