Iraq drafts Law to Regulate Electronic Payments

By John Lee.

The Iraqi Cabinet has agreed to draft a a law to regulate electronic payments in Iraq.

The Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers will work together with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), the Federal Board of Supreme Audit, and the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister to draft the new legislation.

According to a statement from Media Office of the Prime Minister, the bill must be completed within one month.

Prime Minister al-Sudani also instructed all ministries and departments to prioritize the prompt implementation of electronic payment systems (POS) at points of sale.

(Source: ‏Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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  1. Indira 18th May 2023 at 22:56 #

    All visa and credit cards should be halted IMMEDIATLY till currency is revalued and budget fully passed for the country to progress please and stricter and immediate MUST be taken

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