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Tourism Opportunities in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Regional Government has requested declarations of interest from companies wishing to participate in tourism projects in the Dukan region (pictured). The following is the un-edited text of their announcement: Declaration to all investment companies, local and foreign businesses: Within the ongoing efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government and direct supervision of the Directorate […]

$3m to Develop Nippur Archaeological Site

An official in Diwaniya said on Friday evening that the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism has allocated 3.5bn Iraqi Dinars (ID) [$3m] to the rehabilitation of the Neipur [Nippur] archaeological city south of Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad. Dakhil al-Kanani, the head of the Supreme Committee of the Niepur cultural festival in Diwaniya province told […]

Kurdistan Investment Board Seeks Technical Assistance

Request for expressions of interest: Technical assistance to Kurdistan Investment Board The Kurdistan Board of Investment of the Kurdistan Regional Government (BoI - KRG) seeks professional assistance to enhance the quality of the board's evaluation process from various perspectives, including the technical review and assessment of the investment proposals submitted to the board. The main […]

12 Danish Companies to Open Offices in Kurdistan

AKnews reports that 12 Danish companies are planning to open representative offices in the Kurdistan Region. The report follows the visit from a Danish trade and industry delegation to Erbil this week. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)'s coordinator in Denmark, Dlawar Azhgayi, told AKnews the delegation sought to introduce the companies to the Region as […]

Russian Companies to Build Monorail in Baghdad

A group of Russian companies has been offered the project to build a monorail in Baghdad, according to Aswat al-Iraq. “Baghdad’s Hanging Train [monorail?] project, offered tp Russian companies, is expected to stretch for 25 kms, with a total capacity of 10,000 passengers per hour, through 16 stations, distributed between Baghdad’s two banks of Rusafa […]

Basra Council Approves "ID 288 bn" Energy Project

Basra's Council approved an energy project worth 288 billion dinars [$246m] on Thursday, a vice president of the Basra council told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The council approved during its regular session an energy project to establish four generating units with a production capacity of 400kv (sic) at the al-Najiebiya electricity plant,” Ahmad al-Salieti is […]

Chinese Company to Produce Thermal Bricks in Iraq

Iraq's Industry Ministry has signed a contract with a Chinese company to produce thermal bricks, a spokesperson of the ministry said on Thursday. “The thermal industries company signed a contract with a Chinese company to carry out a project to produce thermal bricks,” Hanaa al-Husseini told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The ministry has allocated 25 […]


Tons of Garbage Being Dumped in Tigris

The Tigris River which bisects Baghdad and several other major Iraqi cities has about one billion cubic meters of polluted materials dumped into it, according to a senior environment expert. Azzaman news agency quotes Kamel al-Saadi, Baghdad Province’s expert on the environment, as saying that pollution was increasing in the river “at an alarming rate” […]

Czech Republic to Sell Fighter Jets to Iraq

The Czech Republic might sell up to 25 Aero L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) subsonic fighter aircraft to Iraq, according to Prague Monitor. The deal requires approval from the U.S., which supplied avionic equipment to the planes. According to some information, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg discussed the issue on his visit to the […]

Shatt al-Arab Borders to be Demarcated

The outgoing Iraqi government announced on Friday that the demarcation of borders on the Shatt al-Arab will begin at the beginning of November under the supervision of the United Nations (UN), according to AKnews. The Shatt al-Arab is where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet and flow into the Persian Gulf. Ahmed al-Shihani, foreign affairs […]