Oil and Gas Fields: Eastern Fields

ScreenHunter_1466 Feb. 12 17.12Name: The Eastern Fields is the collective name for a group of four undeveloped fields: Gilabat,
Khashem AlAhmar, Nau Doman and Qumar.

Controlled by: Ministry of Oil (Baghdad).

Location: Diyala governorate, 100-150km south of Kirkuk city

Discovery: 1927 (Khashem Al-Ahmar); 1958 (Gilabat); 1976 (Nau Doman); 1979 (Qumar).

Reserves: unknown

Quality: unknown

Contract granted: None. No bids were received in second licensing round (2009)

A full list of oil and gas fields controlled by the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad can be found here.