Oil and Gas Fields: Najmah

ScreenHunter_1725 May. 11 15.57Name: Najmah, also known as Najma.

Controlled by: Ministry of Oil (Baghdad).

Location: Nineveh governorate, 50km south of Mosul city.

Discovery: 1934

Reserves: 807 million barrels of oil

Size: 11 km long and 4.5 km wide

Quality: Significant accumulations of heavy oil (15 to 20°API).

Developed by: Angola’s Sonangol had been granted the contract (75%), with North Oil Company (25%), in 2010 at a price of $6.00 per barrel, but Sonangol pulled out in 2014 due to security problems.

In February 2018, Sonangol took back operatorship of the field with a view to re-starting work immediately.

Plateau production target:  Originally 110,000 bpd by 2017. This was later revised down to a combined target, along with the Qayara field, of 55,000 bpd by 2021.

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