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Amnesty Int'l Condemns 'Shocking Surge' in Death Sentences

From Amnesty International. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. The 40 death sentences handed down today in Iraq after a fundamentally flawed mass trial show a reckless disregard for justice and human life, said Amnesty International and brings the total sentenced in […]

Video: Dismantling the Social Fabric of Iraq

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. They are among the most trusted allies of the international coalition in the fight against ISIL in Iraq. Kurdish fighters benefit from military and political support. But they are also being accused of […]

KRG rejects Amnesty International Report

By John Lee. The head of the KRG Committee to Respond to International Reports, Dindar Zebari (pictured), has said that the KRG rejects all accusations made about Peshmerga forces by Amnesty International. He told K24: “The Peshmerga have liberated large swaths of territory from Daesh [IS] and have helped civilians regardless of their ethnic and […]

Amnesty claims Kurds Uprooting Arabs

By John Lee. A report this morning from Amnesty International claims that Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Kurdish militias in northern Iraq have bulldozed, blown up and burned down thousands of homes in Arab villages. It says that although KRG officials have tended to justify the displacement of Arab communities on […]

World Leaders Condemn Attack on Refugee Camp

By John Lee. The United Nations Secretary-General has condemned the attack last week on Camp Hurriya (Camp Liberty), near the Baghdad International Airport, which left at least 26 residents dead and many more wounded. The attack reportedly also caused casualties among the Iraqi Security Forces in the vicinity of the Camp. The Secretary-General called on […]

Kandil Airstrikes: Amnesty Calls for Investigation

Evidence collected by Amnesty International in a fact-finding mission indicates that multiple Turkish government airstrikes killed eight residents and injured at least eight others – including a child - in a flagrantly unlawful attack on the village of Zergele, in the Kandil Mountains in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The airstrikes on 1 August were […]

Iraq has World's 4th Highest Rate of Executions

By John Lee. A report from Amnesty International USA says that Iraq had the world's fourth highest rate of executions in 2014. China again carried out more executions than the rest of the world put together; Amnesty International believes thousands are executed and sentenced to death there every year, but with numbers kept a state […]

KRG Discusses War Crimes with Amnesty Int'l

Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG foreign relations and his accompanying delegation visited the Swedish Section of the Amnesty International to discuss human rights violations committed by the terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sahm (ISIS, ISIL, IS). Mr. Mustafa stressed, “At times where our voices were not heard, Amnesty International and […]

Evidence of War Crimes by Govt-backed Militias

From Amnesty International. Shi’a militias, supported and armed by the government of Iraq, have abducted and killed scores of Sunni civilians in recent months and enjoy total impunity for these war crimes, said Amnesty International in a new briefing published today. Absolute Impunity: Militia Rule in Iraq provides harrowing details of sectarian attacks carried out […]

Amnesty International Reveals Evidence of Ethnic Cleansing

From Amnesty International. Fresh evidence uncovered by Amnesty International indicates that members of the armed group calling itself the Islamic State (IS) have launched a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing in northern Iraq, carrying out war crimes, including mass summary killings and abductions, against ethnic and religious minorities. A new briefing, Ethnic cleansing on historic […]

Mass Exodus from Iraqi Towns and Cities

From Amnesty International. Panic has taken hold in north-western Iraq as tens of thousands of people flee areas where Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) militants are continuing their advance, Amnesty International said. “The situation for Iraqis in the north-west of the country, especially those from the Yezidi and Christian minority communities, is becoming […]

Yezidis Captured by ISIS

Amnesty International has spoken to recently released detainees from the Yezidi community who were captured by the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Iraq, as well as to family members of those still held by the group. At least 24 Iraqi border guards and soldiers were captured by ISIS last month in north […]