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MoU signed for Mosul Refinery

A refinery with a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day will be constructed by the Egyptian Qalaa Company in Nineveh province. In a statement, Deputy Oil Minister Ahmed Shamaa said the Ministry of Oil has contracted Qalaa to establish the refinery which will process the crude oil from the Najma and Gayar fields near Mosul. […]

Egyptian Consulate Hosts National Day in Erbil

Egypt’s Consul in Erbil on Wednesday hosted the first ever Egyptian National Day reception in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The consulate, which was opened late last year, has paved the way for closer ties in many areas and is working to start Egypt Air flights between Cairo and Erbil in the near future. In […]

EgyptAir Opens New Routes to Baghdad and Erbil

EgyptAir has announced that it will start operating direct flights to Baghdad and Erbil starting mid July 2011. This decision comes as one of the steps taken by EgyptAir to build new markets and to link Iraq with Europe and North America through Cairo Hub. “We will start operating 7 weekly flights to Iraq , […]

Iraq to Repay $408 million Egyptian Debt

Iraq has agreed to pay $408 million in cash to Egypt to settle old debts owed by Baghdad from more than two decades ago, a government spokesman said. Reuters reports that the debts date back to a period when United Nations sanctions following the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait blocked the payment of salaries that […]

Egyptian Steel Mill for Diyala

Diyala Province Administration has approved an offer from an Egyptian company to build a new steel and stainless steel mill in the province. The local administration informed the Egyptian company to send a delegation to the province in order to study the details of the project. (Source: AlSumaria TV)

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Managing a Crisis

Crisis management When it was announced that the Arab League summit would take place in Baghdad, many leaders expressed concerns for the safety of the event. Now, several months later, the tables have turned in the Middle East, and some of those leaders are facing a much more hazardous situation at home. It has been […]

Weekly Security Update for 10th February 2011

Overview Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq last week, although conditions have generally been quiet so far in 2011 and the number of weekly security incidents has not yet exceeded 40. The majority of violence is currently taking place in Baghdad and Mosul, although last week saw several attacks in the provinces of Anbar […]

Unrest in Iraq - the Risk of Contagion

With unrest in several Arab cities, many in the region are worried about the risk of contagion. The latest flashpoints are Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and Algeria; but is Iraq vulnerable as well? The people certainly have a lot to complain about. Electricity The heat and increased use of air conditioning put a major strain […]

How Will Egypt Affect Iraq?

With political and social upheaval, first in Tunisia and now in Egypt, the big question on many minds at the moment is to what extent the unrest will spread to other countries in the Arab world. But despite the undoubted poverty in Iraq, it is rarely mentioned as possible candidate for a popular uprising, and […]

Weekly Security Update for 2nd February 2011

Overview Last week saw considerable violence in Iraq, particularly in Baghdad. There was also a spate of attacks in Mosul and two especially bloody bombings in Karbala. Over 100 fatalities and up to 250 injuries were recorded in total around the country. There was also an increase in targeted shootings in the capital, resuming a […]

Iraq and Egypt Discuss Increasing Trade

The Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, and the Trade Minister, Roze Nouri Shawis met the Egyptian Trade and Industry minister, on Monday to discuss ways to increase trade between the two countries. Shawis told AKnews that the meeting dealt with the mechanisms to support and promote Arab economic cooperation with Iraq, especially in the Kurdistan […]


Egypt Opens Consulate in Erbil, Discusses $2bn Debt

Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Abul Gheit, officially opened his country’s consulate in Erbil on Sunday; this is the first Arab consulate to be opened in the Kurdish region, according to a report from Bloomberg. The opening of the consulate is expected to boost bilateral ties between Egypt and Iraq and Kurdistan Region. The minister stressed […]

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