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Central Bank Defends Weak Iraqi Dinar

Iraq's Central Bank says it will not allow the Iraqi dinar to depreciate and has been selling hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the currency stable, according to a report from Azzaman. The dinar weakened in December, prompting the bank to sell dollars in a bid to withdraw cash from Iraqi markets. The bank […]

Iraqi Central Bank to Issue New Notes

AKnews reports that the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) has confirmed it will issue a new bill with a value of 50,000 IQD ($43) but marked as 50 dinars. Deputy chairman of the ICB Dr Muzher Saleh said the bank is working to issue this new money in addition to coins in both Arabic and Kurdish […]

Iraqi Dinars "One of the Most Foolhardy Investments you can Make"

A local newspaper in Georgia, USA, reports that some local residents are buying Iraqi dinars in cash form, in the hope of profiting from a revaluation of the currency. According to the Moultrie Observer, people are buying boxes of crisp Iraqi dinars that look fresh off the printing press. It goes on to quote a […]

Your Guide to the Iraqi Dinar

We get many enquiries at Iraq Business News relating to the future of the Iraqi dinar (IQD), for example: Will the Iraqi dinar increase in value? Will the currency be re-denominated, dropping the 'three zeros'? Is it wise to buy Iraqi dinar? Firstly, Iraq Business News is not in a position to give investment advice. […]

Colorado Pulls Plug on Dinar Promoter

The Colorado Securities Commission has ordered a company promoting speculation in Iraqi dinars, and its director, to stop soliciting investors in Colorado. The commission entered a cease-and-desist order on Thursday against AmIraq Fund LLP, general manager BB&M International Corp, and William Burbank, who serves as CEO and managing director of both companies. The order prohibits them […]

IBN Interviews Dr Ali al-Dabbagh - Part 2

Minister Ali al-Dabbagh, Iraqi Government Spokesman, was interviewed by Padraig O'Hannelly for Iraq Business News at last week's Iraq Mining 2011 conference in London. The first part of the interview can be found here. In this second part of the interview, Dr al-Dabbagh discusses the Hydrocarbon Law, the valuation of the Iraqi dinar, foreign investment […]

New Iraqi Dinar - "Corruption and Money Laundering"

According to a report from Aswat al-Iraq, an economic advisor to Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has described the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI)'s plan to redenominate the Iraqi currency as “the worst corruption and money-laundering process in the history of Iraq.” “The CBI must understand that it is playing with fire and undermining the course […]

New Iraqi Dinar to be Harder to Counterfeit

According to reports from Al-Sabaah, the Central Bank of Iraq is planning to make its new currency forgery-proof. Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi claims that the new currency's attributes will make it 'difficult' to falsify, and says that the project to delete the three zeros, if implemented, will enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar […]

Wisconsin Warns About Iraqi Dinar

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions is warning investors about advertised opportunities to invest in Iraq's currency, the dinar. The DFI says several web sites say Iraq's currency is poised to increase in value, even dramatically, but it says investors aren't told that the dinar is only good in Iraq. There is no currency exchange […]

Reports of New Fake Dinars in Circulation

On Wednesday a number of currency dealers in southern Iraq’s Nassirya City reported the spread of a new counterfeit 10,000-dinar notes, according to Aswat al-Iraq. “We have noticed the existence of a false 25,000-dinar currency in the market, being cautious against it, but a new false 10,000-dinar note, with a very close print to the […]

Iraq Prepares to Redenominate its Currency

According to a report from Al Sumaria News, Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Thursday that it is planning to delete the zeros from its currency, the Iraqi dinar. This step is one of the bank’s strategic missions, the Central Bank said adding that the new currency will include the Kurdish language in addition to the […]