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Pro-Government Sunnis Launch Offensive

By John Lee. Thousands of fighters from as many as 25 pro-government tribes have launched a coordinated offensive against ISIS fighters in the Western Iraqi province of al-Anbar. The leader of these "Sahwa" fighters, Sheikh Abdel Jabbar Abu Risha, announced that the offensive was not related to Maliki stepping down and had been planned for […]

UN Welcomes Outcome of Ramadi Meeting

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Martin Kobler (pictured), welcomed the successful outcome of yesterday’s meeting in Ramadi between the protest leaders, senior governorate officials and military and police commanders. “I respect and greatly appreciate their commitment to seeking a peaceful exit out of the dangerous standoff,” he said. […]

Video: Funeral for Slain Soldiers

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. In Iraq a funeral has been held for five soldiers killed in Ramadi. The incident happened during anti-government protests which have claimed more than 170 lives in the past week. Meanwhile Iraq has […]

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Russian Business Delegation Visits Anbar

By John Lee. A Russian business delegation has visited the city of Ramadi to investigate investment opportunities in Anbar province. Saadoun Obeid al-Shaalan, head of the provincial council, told NINA news agency: "The delegation represents a group of leading Russian companies specialized in the manufacture of large power stations, the production and distribution of electricity, […]

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Weekly Security Update for 12th October 2011

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq over the past week, with incidents concentrated in Baghdad, Mosul, and an arc stretching from Taji in Salah ad-Din province to Ba’qubah in Diyala province. Ta’mim province also saw a scattering of incidents while there was at least one successful attack and one prevented in Basrah province. The […]

Weekly Security Update for 20th April 2011

Overview Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week, with a particular increase in the number of attacks targeting civic employees in Baghdad. There were also clusters of violence in the cities of Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosuk and Kirkuk, as well as in the north of Babil province. The south was relatively quiet, as was most […]

Sticky Bombs on the Rise

  Iraq has seen a rise in the number of sticky bomb attacks over the last week. This is a worrying trend, particularly for the state employees and security force personnel who are being singled out for these attacks. The Tactic Sticky bombs are also known as Under Vehicle Improvised Explosive Devices (UVIEDs). They are […]

Weekly Security Update for 16th February 2011

Overview Levels of violence have been rising in Iraq over the past four weeks. The increase has been gradual, but consistent and last week saw more than 40 attacks reported countrywide for the first time since mid-December. Recent days have seen a particularly concerning rise in militant activity and social tensions in the northern city […]

Weekly Security Update for 29th December 2010

Overview Recent days have seen deadly suicide attacks in Mosul and Ramadi. There has also been a worrying increase in the number of shooting attacks in Baghdad. However, last week otherwise saw a slight reduction in the total number of attacks taking place in Iraq. Incidents were concentrated in the capital, with no incidents recorded […]

Fun and Games Again in Ramadi

AKnews reports that the amusement park in Anbar province’s capital city, Ramadi, has re-opened after a seven-year break. The park was opened in 1993 and attracted people from all over Anbar province, but closed in the aftermath of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. It was reportedly a stronghold for insurgents in the past few years […]

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