Maysan Oil Company

Maysan Oil Company - update from the local Basra press;

  • Drilling of Halfaya Well/7 is finished, and drilling operations are due to start at Halfaya Well/9, and what should be noted that Halfaya Field- which is located to the south-west of Amara City- is considered one of the most important oil fields in Maysan, which are enriched with the good-qualtiy  crude oil, and additionally this filed is composed of 6-7 reservoirs, including Nehar Aumar Reservoirs, which is regarded as one if the main reservoirs in the area, to which a development plan has been prepared by MOC, to drill 12 wells, as the latter is featured with an oil of good quality.
  • MOC has announced about its intensive plan to drill more wells in all oil fields; Halfaya, Abu Garab, Al-Nour, Bazergaan, and others, and heralded that the 2010 would be the year to exploit all the oil fields in Maysan . The Company has contracted an American firm (Weatherford), to drill about 50 wells. This means more sub- contracts are available to provide other services pre, during, and post drilling of these wells.
  • Projects commission supervises establishing two reservoirs, to be used for washing the crude oil.
  • MoC invests its lands, to build an accommodation complex (1500 unit) for the staff of the company. A Canadian company (IDCC) submitted a proposal for the designs of the units.
  • Work is continuing in establishing and installing the treatment unit for the wet oil in Bazergaan Field.
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