Middle Euphrates Airport Will Provide Thousands of Jobs

06 March 2010 (Iraq Directory)

Minister of Transportation, Amir Abdul-Jabbar, said that the Middle Euphrates airport in Karbala will serve several thousands of workforces, revealing that several international companies requested for implementation of the project, while Rep. Ali al-Adeeb said the airport will provide a great service to pilgrims.

Minister Amir Abdul-Jabbar during his speech on the occasion of laying the foundations ceremony at the airport of the Middle Euphrates south of Karbala that the department "of the Middle Euphrates Airport is a vital project and important feature in Iraq and will be the pride of Iraqis," adding that the cost of the airport, the project designs implemented by a French company " up to 50 million Euros (about 94.4 billion dinars).”

He explained that this airport, "will serve several thousand of workforce of the provinces in Middle Euphrates," the project is "vital and important in addition to several projects done by the ministry during the past years."

He said that among these projects, “Karbala- Baghdad Railway, from the Musayyib which will be completed in mid-2011 and the revival of Iraqi ports that receive 500 ships per month ", noting that several international companies, "intending to implement in the project and the ministry is studying the subject.”

Governor of Karbala said that the airport will be implemented on an area of 50 square km and is located 27 km south of Karbala, 44 km north of Najaf, 28 km west of Babylon... Indicating that the absorptive capacity of the airport more than 30 million passengers and after its implementation will contribute to the development of the province and particularly in infrastructure and cultural realities will be transferred to a higher level that will attract private investors to the province and the provinces of the Middle Euphrates.

MP Ali al-Adeeb said in his speech on the occasion, the "need for such an airport is not because it is located in the city of Karbala, but it will be the contact between the center and south and provide a valuable service to the pilgrims," adding that the airport "would be a sign in progress to the movement of reconstruction in this province and other provinces.”

He stated that what "we want is to start work and achievements carried out in order to have services that benefits people."

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