Claims to Trace the 850 Billion Dinars Dedicated As Social Benefits of the Three Presidential Bodies

The Accountability and Transparency Department, a non-governmental organization, held a seminar on promoting standards of financial transparency in the city of Najaf last week.

Mr. Hussein al-Kaabi, head of Accountability and Transparency, said, "One of the foundations of democratic states is the freedom of access to information in order to enhance accountability." Kaabi said, "The next stage would require further follow-up, monitoring and people control, so as to control the operations of financial corruption and waste of public funds, conflict of interest, nepotism and clienteles."

At the end of an interactive meeting which was attended by members of the local council in Najaf, staff and activists, al-Kaabi called all media institutions and civil society institutions to trace the 850 billion Iraqi dinars dedicated to "social benefits" in 2009.

(Eye Media Company)

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