Anbar to Focus on Oil

On Wednesday, Anbar deputy governor said , the next stage will focus on oil wealth, particularly in Ukaz and Znkurh areas for upgrading economics of the province, adding that oil ministry agreed to expand Haditha refinery to fulfill needs of province , and may export surplus to neighboring countries.

Hikmat Jassim , said that Anbar province will focus on investing oil wealth properly to support economic of the province.

Adding that local government concern of oil will provide job opportunities for young people in addition in securing financial returns added to Iraqi budget in general and particularly al-Anbar province ".

He added that the Ministry of Oil agreed to expand Haditha refinery and enable those wishing to exploit it to fulfill fuel necessity of province indicating that capacity filtration and refining will be of 120 thousand bpd and will fill local markets needs and can export surplus to neighboring countries, according to contexts adopted in this regard".

The capital city of Ramadi, Anbar province, lies 110 km west of Baghdad .

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