France is top investor in Iraq

The outgoing Iraqi government said on Thursday that France led the supportive countries for investing in Iraq this year through the entry of many of its companies to the Iraqi market and its contribution to play a clear role in developing the economic and the investment reality.
government spokesman, Ali Al-Dabbagh said that" France was in the current year and the past few months one of the leading countries that supported investment in Iraq ". The
Dabbagh added "more than 66 French companies entered the country during the past few months, carried out major projects and important strategy in the country ". Al-
Iraq is trying to attract capital and investors to the Iraqi market to contribute in reconstructing the country and the crumbling infrastructure due to long years of siege and war.
The Iraqi Parliament Council conducted amendments on the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 to encourage the investors to come to the country, the most prominent amendments were the ownership of the non-Iraqi person to the lands of housing projects and including the investment partnerships between the private and public sector with the investment law privileges.
Al-Dabbagh noted that "French companies have had a clear role in developing the economic and investment reality during the last period followed by the United States, Iran, and Britain, especially with regard to housing, construction projects and commercial goods.
He noted that "France will increase its access to Iraq after being invited by the Iraqi government to increase its investment and economic role to revive the reality of the infrastructure in the country ".

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