Iraq to Ship Oil and Gas to International Markets through Syria

Iraq is seeking to use Syria as a transit for the shipment of its crude and gas to international markets.
Syria was initially Iraq’s only gate to markets in Europe and beyond through a pipeline that linked the major oil center of Kirkuk to a Syrian terminal on the Mediterranean.
But the pipeline has been idle for decades and it is not clear whether it is fit for the shipment of crude any more.
A senior Iraqi Oil Ministry official is in Syria for talks on the possibility of resuming oil exports via the pipeline and the construction of new lines to ferry Iraqi oil and gas via Syria.
“The sides discussed the possibility of ferrying Iraqi crude to Syria through the present pipeline and exporting it via Baniyas terminal,” according to a statement by the official Syrian news agency, SANA.
 The agency said Iraqi Oil Ministry Undersecretary Abdulkarim al-Aibi held talks with the Syrian Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Sufian Allaw in which the two officials reviewed cooperation in oil and gas fields.
“The two officials discussed cooperation to complete and rehabilitate the Akazi gas field, which is situated close the Syrian border and the possibility of transporting Iraqi gas to Syria for treatment before shipment to international markets,” SANA said.

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