Calls to Apply Kurdistan Experience in Addressing Housing Crisis

According to a report from AK News, an Iraqi economic expert has called on the Iraqi government to learn from Kurdistan's experience in addressing the housing crisis, and to apply those lessons in other Iraqi provinces.

“Kurdistan's experience is very important, being able to limit the continuing housing crisis in the region," said Sattar Al-Shahin, noting that "the officials of the region have developed plans to address this important problem."

"Progress in this direction has been slow due to preoccupation of the Iraqi government with security issues, but we hope in the next stage that it will be able to do more to develop the country, especially as regards solving the housing crisis,” Al-Shahin said.

The Ministry of Housing & Construction has prepared a five-year plan to build housing complexes to solve the housing crisis in the Iraqi provinces.

Studies indicate that Iraq needs a million and a half housing units to eliminate its housing crisis.

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