Iraq Disputes so-called 'Friendship Dam'

According to a report from AK News, the Iraqi government has increased its diplomatic efforts with Syria and Turkey regarding their plans for the Tigris River.

"Iraq will form a delegation of experts in the fields of water and agriculture to visit Turkey, Syria and Iran soon, to persuade those countries on the size of the disaster that will affect Iraq if the flow of water is restricted to Iraq, especially with regard to the so-called Friendship Dam between Turkey and Syria which was announced few days ago," an advisor to the outgoing Iraqi government said.

"If these diplomatic efforts fail, Iraq may raise the issue with the United Nations ," he added.

"The Agriculture Ministry was unable to control the desertification except for some areas that don’t exceed 20% of the affected lands due to the lack of sufficient water that enters Iraq," the Ministry said.

The Tigris flows from south-east Anatolia in Turkey to Syria, and enters Iraq in the town of Fesh Khaboor, in the Dohuk Province of Kurdistan.

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