$300m "Squandered" in Diyala for Electricity

An advisor to the governor of Diyala revealed on Thursday that the sum of $300 million was “squandered” in payments to Iran for the supply of electricity.

“Iran’s Karmanshah line that supplies Diyala with electric power since 2004 caused the waste of $300 million paid to the Iranians, despite beign a mediocre service that provides the province with 200 megawatts of power while the province’s actual need is up to 500 megawatts,” Rassem Ismail, an advisor on reconstruction and investment affairs, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“The sums paid for the Iranian side ever since the project commenced were enough to build 10 power stations at a total capacity of 2250 megawatts,” he added.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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