Turkish Company Builds 5 New Hospitals in Iraq

The Acarsan Group, based in Gaziantep, Turkey, is set to complete the construction of five new hospitals in Iraq and hand them over to the Iraqi Health Ministry by the beginning of 2012, according to a report in Today's Zaman.

In partnership with the Universal Hospitals Group network of Turkey, Acarsan won a recent tender to build hospitals in the Iraqi cities of Karbala, Basra, Babil-Hilla, Missan and Nasiriyah. The Acarsan Group has been operating in Iraq for 27 years as an exporter of legumes, processed food, home appliances and construction materials. Speaking with the Anatolia news agency on Monday, Chairman Selim Acar said the planned hospitals in the war-torn country will have a total bed capacity of 2,000 and that their construction costs will reach a combined figure of $750 million.

“We are expecting to win new tenders in Iraq. There are many infrastructure projects needed there, and we intend to be involved in similar Iraqi projects,” Acar said.

The Acarsan Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey and has companies in flour milling, automotives, tourism, petroleum products, vehicle inspection, and health. Its new investments in Turkey and abroad will bring the company’s total labor force to around 5,000 by the end of the year.

(Source: Today's Zaman)

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