Muthanna to Learn from Kurdistan's Development

A delegation from Muthanna Province has arrived to Sulaimaniyah to get acquainted with the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region, the Sulaimaniyah Press Secretary reported on Wednesday.

"The delegation, headed by Ibrahim Suleiman, visited Sulaimaniyah, in order to see the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region," Twana Ali Kamal said.

They visited the Bazyani cement factory and the new campus of Sulaimaniyah University.

The Kurdistan region's success might be a lesson to the rest of Iraq, Suleiman said.

“We would like to establish a tight relationship with Sulaimaniyah's Governor, for better understanding between both parties and using the experiences of Kurdistan in Muthanna Province”, he added.

“The Iraqi government must reform its investment policies in order to create further opportunities for the foreign investors,” he concluded.

(Source: AK News)

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