Qadisiyah Govt and Iranian Companies Agree on Investment

A preliminary agreement was concluded between Qadisiyah local government and a group of Iranian companies to invest in the province, the director of the Investment Committee in Diwaniyah reported on Monday.

"The Investment Committee and the head of Qadisiyah council met a delegation from a group of Iranian companies to discuss the possibility of investing in the city and they reached a first agreement," the engineer Hakem al-Khuzaei said.

"They discussed the possibility of establishing residential complexes and industrial plants with the Iranian companies. The head of the group confirmed its expertise in car manufacturing and distribution, tyre making, and residential construction", he added.

“The Investment committee and the local government will do their best to ensure the success of the investment groups in the province in a way that meets the will and aspirations of the citizens in Diwaniyah.”

(Source: AK News)

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