Iraqi Economy Could Afford to Cut Ties with Kuwait

According to one Iraqi politician, Iraq could afford to sever relations with Kuwait without any risk to its economy.

Kuwait's relations with Iraq have been on decline for a while, so Iraq would not be harmed if it cut all its ties with this country, according to Wa'il Abdul-Latif [Wael Abdul Latif], of the Iraqi National Alliance bloc.

AK News quotes Abdul Latif as saying that Kuwait considers the flourishing of democracy in Iraq, and the eventual economic boom in the country, to be threat. Mr Abdul Latif is a former governor of Basra.

"Iraq at the moment enjoys long term trade and economic ties with the US, Japan, China, Turkey, the UK, and several other economically developed countries", he added.

Recently Qays al-'Amri, the Iraqi representative to the Arab League, speaking to the reporters, underlined the significance of demarcating the borders between Iraq and Kuwait, but he later retracted his remarks.

A source from South Oil intelligence told AKnews "for almost four months Kuwait has been advancing into Iraq's territories to discover oil".

"Demarcation of the borders is a recurrent issue for Iraq as the Iraqi presidency believes that the delineation is not correct and thus calls for defining the borders once more", he added.

Mohammad Bahr al-'Ulum, the Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait, was called on July 17 by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry to receive the State's protest letter against the recent remarks by al-'Amri.

The letter sternly voices the objection of the Kuwaiti government against the remarks, underlining that the borders have been fixed permanently. At the same time, the letter calls on Iraq to give an official explanation.

(Sources: AK News, Niqash)

(Photo credit: Mohammad Alatar)

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