Diamonds in Demand in Kurdistan

A source at the directorate of jewelry quality control in Erbil told AKnews on Sunday that 19 Kg of diamonds have been imported into the Kurdistan Region so far this year. A diamond dealer confirms that demand for diamonds has grown in the Region in recent months.

“We check diamonds and other jewelry imported into the Region before it is sold on the local market,” said Ismael Sabir, an official in the jewelry quality control. “The diamonds come along with gold and are used for decorative purposes.”

Najat Nemat, a jewelry store owner in the Kurdish capital of Erbil, said Czech diamonds are purer than other brands of Russian, German and Indian diamonds available in local markets.  The most expensive type of diamond in Kurdistan markets sells at $1,500 per karat (200 milligrams).

Diamonds are mostly imported into Iraq through Erbil International Airport, Nemat said, because custom tariffs for one kilogram of diamond and gold are only $10 in Erbil while in Baghdad the authorities charge $100 per kilogram.

(Source: AK News)

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