Nepal Lifts Iraq Working Ban

The government of Nepal has lifted the ban on Nepalis working in Iraq.

An estimated 30,000 Nepalis working in Iraq were facing the prospect of deportation after the US asked its contractors to send home expatriate workers whose countries impose a travel ban in Iraq.

"We took the decision for the sake of Nepalis already working in Iraq," said Purna Chandra Bhattarai, Joint Secretary at Nepal's Ministry of Labour and Transport Management. "However, workers will not be allowed to go there just yet without a further assessment of the situation of Nepalis in Iraq."

The ban was introduced in 2004 after 12 Nepalis working in Iraq were killed. The incident has not deterred Nepalis from taking up jobs in Iraq at relatively high wages. An estimated 2.7 million Nepalis work abroad.

(Sources: BBC, Nepali Times)

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