Iraq 'Loses 150 Oil Wells' in Border Demarcation

A former member of the Iraqi parliament has announced that Iraq lost oil wells in the border demarcation with Iran and Kuwait.

Some other oil wells are located in the common Iraqi-Iranian borders in Faw and Khanaqin, but they are not divided between both parties. The Iraqi government has lost a great amount of its natural resources to Kuwait because the oil wells close to the Kuwaiti borders (Umm Qasr area) are the richest, and are expected to yield between 20 and 30 million barrels.

Former MP Ali Hussein told AKnews on Tuesday, "The Iraqi government can not contest the lost oil wells because the current border formation is approved by the United Nations and neighbouring states."

“Iraq will loose mpre oil wells by re-drawing its border with both Iran and Kuwait, but the scale of oil production from the oil wells located between Iraq and Iran is quite different from those between Iraq and Kuwait,” he added.

The oil wells between Iraq and Iran borders produce about 5,000 barrels per day (BPD), but they are managed by a joint mutual commission of both countries.

Concerning the U.N. demand to complete the demarcation of the border, he said, "The Iraqi government can not finish it because Iraq is still subject to Article VII of the UN Charter, so the central government accepted the U.N. new border delimitation."

Muhtasam Akram, the deputy of the Iraqi Oil Ministry said on the other hand, "Iraq agreed to determine its border with Kuwait under the supervision of the U.N. observers."

“We have not allowed to give details about this matter because it is related to the mutual contract between both parties”, he concluded.

(Source: AKnews)

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