Production Resumes at Baiji Refinery

Iraq's state-owned North Refineries Company yesterday said it had re-started production at its Baiji oil refinery, and was looking to boost production levels to 80 per cent to make up losses after a shutdown, according to a report from Gulf Daily News. The refinery normally operates at 70pc of its capacity.

An official at the refinery, north of Baghdad, said all production units were operational after it shut down on Thursday due to an electrical fault caused by overloading of the grid.

"We will work with our full efforts to reach an 80pc capacity to compensate what we lost during the shutdown," the official said.

The official said of the three units at the refinery, two were working at 70-75pc of production capacity, while one was at 65pc.

The North Refineries Company, which operates the refinery, has a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day. A senior official at teh company said electricity flow at the refinery was now stable.

(Source: Gulf Daily News)

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