Najaf's New Anti-Corruption Measures

AKnews quotes a media source in Najaf, 160km southwest of Baghdad, as saying that the municipality will set regulations for notification when public property is put up for sale, rent, or auction.

A recent report from the Services Commission highlighted a lack of public notification when state property comes up for sale or rental which prevents many interested parties from participating in transactions as they are not informed of them.

Mohammah Khuzai warned that these failings were not only compromising equal opportunities for investors but having negative effect on public funds as the lack of competition often led to properties failing to reach market value levels at auction.

"The report included several recommendations to combat corruption like putting a billboard in the city’s Maydan square", Khuzai continued.

This central “municipal billboard” would advise the public of forthcoming auctions and other opportunities related to state properties.

“The recommendations also demanded that notices are posted on the same day they are published in the Official newspaper."

Najaf council have voted in favour of implementing the committee’s recommendations.

(Source: AKnews)

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