Who wants to MeetTheBoss?

Who wants to MeetTheBoss?

We thought you would like to, for a start. IBN has linked up with GDS International, publishers of b2b web sites and magazines, to bring you ‘MeetTheBoss.tv’.

MeetTheBoss.tv highlights world leaders of industry and commerce, such as:

  • Anne Sweeney, co-Chairman of Disney and the most powerful woman in Television;
  • Herbert Hainer, CEO of Adidas; and
  • Tom Purves, CEO of Rolls-Royce,

in face to face interviews.

You may ask why?  What is a site dedicated to Iraq to do with the boss of Disney ? Here is what John Funnell, Marketing and Communications Director of parent company GDS International, says: "The business issues that Fortune 500 bosses face are global ones; Iraq is an extraordinary market and  has huge growth potential, and good business practice is essential to success."

We suggest Iraq Business leaders listen to Anne Sweeney and all the others on the site, and you’ll see and hear what he means. Just visit the link on the right side of the IBN home page. The  video is self explanatory and fascinating. So are the other GDS sites like:




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