Iraq's Crude Oil Exports Fell in August

Iraq's crude oil exports fell in August to 1.789 million barrels per day, a source at the Iraqi Oil Ministry said on Tuesay, according to Reuters.

Average exports from the southern oil hub of Basra reached 1.45 million bpd, while exports from oilfields in the north around Kirkuk averaged 339,000 bpd.

A combination of attacks and stoppages on Iraq's Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline, which carries a quarter of Iraq's oil exports to Turkey, was the main reason for the drop, the source said.

Exports from Kirkuk included 10,000 bpd taken through Jordan via trucks.

Bomb attacks and technical problems have hampered crude flow from Kirkuk fields in recent months.

Iraq stopped pumping through its Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline for about three days late last month, due to a rupture.

On 10 August, oil exports were halted after a bomb attack blamed on outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) inside Turkey.

(Source: Reuters)

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