More Bickering Over Kurdish Oil Exports

Iraqi Kurds have not delivered on promises to ship 100,000 barrels of oil a day to the outside world through Iraqi national pipeline network, the Oil Ministry has said, according to Azzaman News Agency.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources in the (Kurdish) region has exhibited no sign of cooperation so far. It has not supplied us with 100,000 barrels we had agreed to be exported to the outside world,” the ministry’s spokesman, Assem Jihad said.

The agreement was that the proceeds from oil exports originating in the Kurdish region would go to central government coffers, but the Kurds also wanted the central government to cover the investments they have made to extract oil from fields in their areas.

Several foreign firms have been developing oil fields in the Kurdish autonomous region - the Oil Ministry says many of these deals are illegal and it cannot pay for them since they were signed without central government approval.

(Sources: Azzaman)

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