New 'Sheraton' Hotel Opens in Basra

The new Sheraton Hotel in Basra was formally opened on Saturday, with a large gathering in attendance.

But as we recently reported, the company in charge of building the hotel has run into problems with the tourism board in Basra because the project was not completed on time.

The general supervisor of Summar Company, Sara Ahmed, told AKnews "in spite of the difficulties that have faced the construction of the hotel, it was done on time and will start to receive guests from tomorrow. The final cost of the project has amounted to $55.8 million and as is the case with huge projects, it had faced some legal problems."

A director of the Basra Investment Commission, Ali Fadhil, confirmed “that opening the Sheraton Hotel is one of the most important factors in attracting investors to the province. It covers the hotel services that are lacking in the province and shows the city's heritage through the renovation of the hotel."

Basra’s governor, Sheltag Abboud, praised "the major effort and role played by companies from Kurdistan such as the Summar Company.”

He said he will work to resolve the legal issues between Summar and the tourism board.

Summar started renovating the hotel in early 2010.

The hotel has more than 200 rooms, a large conference hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 people, and a number of restaurants. It is the biggest and most luxurious hotel in Basra, and is not connected with international Sheraton hotel chain.

(Source: AKnews)

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