Iraqi Institutions Support Education Reform for a Brighter Future

Representatives from the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Finance from Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government gathered in Erbil during a three-day meeting for the modernisation of the education sector in Iraq.

From 23 to 25 September, 2010, UNESCO and UNICEF launched the first national workshop for education of the joint "Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Programme" funded through the generous support of the European Union. The workshop, organised in Erbil, brought together for the first time Ministry Advisors, presidents of universities and heads of Directorates of Education throughout Iraq to present the current structure of the sector and discuss the need for an in depth analysis of the ministries responsible for delivering quality education. The meeting provided a forum to exchange ideas and discuss the appropriate methodology to undertake a review of the sector, which will lay the foundations of a reform to improve the quality of education in Iraq.

This initiative, in the framework of the EU-funded Iraq-Public Sector Modernisation Programme, established to support the Government of Iraq, is a joint UN effort aiming at the development of a public sector reform strategy and launching its implementation in three key social service delivery sectors: education, health and water and sanitation.

The Erbil workshop gathered experts from Baghdad and 11 governorates inside Iraq who will start the functional review of the Education Sector on 10 October, 2010. This will mark the starting point of a process of analysis that endeavours to assist government to obtain concrete, early results in service delivery to the people, to build support for modernisation from government stakeholders and from the general public. The resulting road map for education is expected to result in a significant improvement on the lives of the people in Iraq.

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