Second Cement Plant ($200m) to be Built in Muthanna

A private-sector company is to invest £200m to build a cement factory with a capacity of one million tons and a total cost of $200 million [240 billion Iraqi dinars] in Muthanna, a source from Muthanna’s Investment Commission said on Sunday.

“We have completed all legal measures for contracting and handing over the land for the construction of a cement plant by the al-Mabrouka [Al Mabroka] company, covering an area of 350 donums [87.5 hectares] in al-Fadwa village, 20 km southwest of Samawa,” Ali Hannoun told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Construction is understood to begin within days, and will be completed withing two and a half years.

This plant is in addition to the Chinese CNMB plant we reported on in August.

(Sources: Aswat al-Iraq, Muthanna Investment Commission)

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