Govt Reaffirms Commitment to Housing in Iraq

The Ministry of Construction and Housing (MoCH) in Iraq marked World Habitat Day by launching the Iraq National Housing Policy in a ceremony held in Baghdad.

The policy will respond to housing needs in Iraq and ensure the right of housing and adequate shelter is granted to all people in Iraq.

Iraq’s housing shortages stand at approximately two million units affecting over three hundred thousand families throughout the country. The current centralized system of housing delivery is unable to reach the growing housing demands resulting from population growth, urbanization and deterioration of existing housing. By now 71% of Iraqis live in urban areas, 37% of urban houses have three or more people per room. According to UN-HABITAT’s definition, 57% of the urban population experience one or more slum conditions.

Over the past 18 months the UN-HABITAT Iraq Programme has supported the MoCH to formulate this policy in consultation with a range of ministries linked to the housing sector and non-Government stakeholders, as well as Iraqi and international housing experts. It is built on analysis of key thematic areas in the housing sector: land management, housing production, housing finance, infrastructure for housing, housing management and maintenance, construction materials and informal housing.

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