Iraq Needs 4,400 Miles of New Pipelines

An estimated 7,000 km (4,400 miles) of new pipeline will need to be built in Iraq if the country is to meet its oil export targets, according to Penspen Group Chief Executive David Stanley.

According to a report from Pipelines International, Mr Stanley underlined the need to repair and reinforce Iraq’s two existing major export routes, the Iraq – Turkey pipeline in the North and Basra Terminal in the South, as well as reinforcing the Strategic Pipeline network and building new pipelines to Banias, Aqaba and possibly Yanbu.

The upgrades, extensions and new pipelines required are estimated to cost nearly $US12 billion dollars [14.4 trillion Iraqi dinars], and that is not including other supporting infrastructure.

“The immediate activities will focus on preventing any further decline in the principal existing pipelines, after which a range of options such as additional pumping stations, flow enhancement and looping, can deliver early capacity growth within the framework of developing the fully upgraded export system.

“The most likely constraint on achieving these targets is the availability of adequate numbers of educated and trained oil industry engineers and technicians,” Mr Stanley said.

(Source: Pipelines International)

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