Baghdad International Fair in 3 Weeks

More than 300 companies from twelve different countries will be attending the Baghdad International Fair, Aswat Al Iraq reports. The annual fair will last for ten days and begins on the 1st November 2010.

Mohammad Hannoun, spokesperson for the Ministry of Trade, told AKnews: "The ministry has invited a number of companies, including the countries participating for the first time, such as Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan after meeting with Minister of Trade, Safa al-Deeen al-Safi with a group of Arab trade ministers during his recent visit to Cairo. " Other countries attending include France, Germany, India and Iran.

He said that the aim of inviting international companies to Iraq is "to detect what Iraq owns of wealth and resources that would enable it to promote economic and trade that it would be in the ranks of big courtiers by its economy ".

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(Source: AKnews and Aswat Al Iraq.)

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