Basra to be the Next Hong Kong?

The Vice President of the Basra provincial council said on Friday that the visit of the U.S Deputy Defense Secretary to Iraq came to discuss the issue of attracting the foreign companies to work in Basra, according to a report from AKnews.

"An extended meeting between the U.S Deputy Defense Secretary and a number of members of the provincial council was held to discuss projects that could be implemented by foreign companies to improve the situation in Basra province in record time," said Ahmed al-Sulaiti.

"The geographical position of Basra province qualifies it to be similar to economically developed countries such as Dubai, especially after it attracted a number of foreign companies, in particular those from Turkey, and promises to changing Basra completely."

Sulaiti quoted the American official as saying that "The American companies could transform Basra to a city similar to Hong Kong because it has a lot of special aspects that are not found in other Iraqi provinces, but on the condition that all possible efforts should be done to achieve that.... The priorities of these projects are construction of roads and buildings and the improvement and maintenance of the infrastructure of the province."

(Source: AKnews)

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