Interview with Gavin Jones on Radio Dijla

Gavin Jones, Director of Iraq Business News, and Partner at consultancy firm Upper Quartile, was recently interviewed by Iraq's Radio Dijla.  The full transcript is shown below:

Radio Dijla: How do foreign investors look at the Iraqi market today?

Gavin Jones: There are three main reasons for foreign investors committing to a market – a large and growing population i.e. China; a free, secure and functioning business environment i.e. Ireland and large reserves of natural resources. Iraq sits in the last category.

Foreign investors will come to Iraq without doubt but the value that Iraq will retain from the investments made will be limited unless the Government has a clear and transparent investment environment and a policy of building long term prosperity.

Currently the Iraqi Government does not have this and this is restricting the long term commitments that foreign investors are prepared to make. Many investors are waiting. The future is potentially extremely good. Iraq has its own destiny in its own hands.

RD: A large number of investors, who wish to enter the Iraqi market, suffer from the lack of information.

What is the best solution to overcome this obstacle?

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