Iraq Has Most Expensive ADSL Broadband

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“It is noteworthy that Morocco’s total annual cost for 1024 Kbps speed is lower than Egypt’s 512 Kbps annual cost. Accordingly, Morocco has the lowest ADSL rates for the common speeds this report tackled although the 512 kbps speed is not offered in Morocco.”Alaa Numair, Research Analyst at Arab Advisors Group stated in the report.

When including the GDP per capita in the analysis, the Arab Advisors Group concluded with the ADSL Affordability Measure (AAM). Basically, the total annual cost of ADSL in a country was calculated as a % of that country’s GDP per capita, whereby the higher the ratio the less affordable the service is in that country.

“The countries that led ADSL Affordability Measure (AAM) were the GCC countries. Although they do not have the lowest rates, but they do have the highest GDP per capita, this is one reason why operators there do not reduce rates drastically as demand is guaranteed even at relatively higher rates.” Zeena Al Borgan, Arab Advisors Group’s Senior Research Analyst added.

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