Kuwait to Seize Iraqi planes in Canada?

The Supreme Court of Canada has allowed Kuwait to pursue the seizure of Iraqi government assets in Canada, according to CTV News.

The high court has granted an appeal by Kuwait Airways against Iraq and Bombardier Aerospace of Montreal, follows a British judgment that could allow Kuwait to seize Iraqi passenger planes now in Canada.

At issue was Iraq's ability to claim jurisdictional immunity involving a foreign judgment, and at stake is Bombardier's ability to complete a $398-million aircraft deal with Iraq.

Kuwait has been trying since 1990 to extract reparations from Iraq over damages arising from the first Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army invaded Kuwait and occupied the small oil-producing country.

The Supreme Court ruling means that the case now goes back to the Superior Court in Quebec, which will ultimately decide whether the British judgment can be enforced in Canada.

(Source: CTV News)

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